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Augmented Business Intelligence

A key business intelligence challenge is how to collect, aggregate and define business intelligence models, and present complex data in a simple end user interface.

Business intelligence tools enhanced by the visual power of virtuality provide a powerful combination to achieve this goal. This is commonly called 'Augmented Business Intelligence.

Virtuality, in it's many forms or degrees, is purely an interface with which to access the data and present it in a way that is more meaningful to the user. More on Virtuality

Using 3D virtual elements, a far greater degree of meaning can be quickly attributed to a dataset, through viewing its relationship to elements in the two other dimensions. More on 3D Virtual Reality

One simple 2D example of using virtual elements in business intelligence is demonstrated in this video [2:00]

Video - Business Intelligence on Virtual Earth


This is a demonstration of using Virtual Earth as a background for a business intelligence application in the mortgage industry.


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