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Information Builder BI Solution

Information Builders provides enterprise business intelligence solutions and real-time operational reporting.

Their WebFOCUS product claims to be the industry’s most scalable, secure, and flexible; able to meet all the reporting needs of the extended enterprise, ranging from analysts to power users to the widest deployments for hundreds of thousands of users. A key feature of WebFOCUS is its ability to leverage all enterprise data by accessing it from legacy to data warehouse.

Gerald Cohen, CEO of Information Builders, believes “Operational performance management solutions include the ability to link goals, metrics, and projects in an actionable way. This promotes effective communication, alignment, and analysis, and enables everyone in the organization to understand and contribute toward strategic business goals and to help customers efficiently connect people and processes to manage business performance".

CEO's to process clerks to suppliers all need access to good information for better decision-making, Information Builders’ Performance Management Framework promotes a culture of accountability, and makes it easy to understand corporate performance and drive business results.

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