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Intelligent Information Networks

Intelligent Information Networks [IINs] are providing organizations with ways to improve business processes, agility, security, and productivity.

An Intelligent Information Network strategy is promoting the evolving role of the IT in businesses and aligning IT resources with business priorities.

This network delivers:

  • active participation
  • process optimization
  • service delivery
  • application responsiveness

Just as an intelligent network [IN] acts as an overlay for telco services, an intelligent information network [IIN] builds upon an existing IT infrastructure to convert the traditional IT “cost center” into highly valued strategic business tool.

The IIN supports new IT functionality such as virtualization, telepresence, application integration, and optimization that streamlines IT processes.


Cisco Intelligent Information Network

Cisco provides IIN architecture roadmaps to help small and large businesses build a more resilient, adaptive, and intelligent network.

Cisco offers a technology vision as well as segment-specific architectures. For more on Building The Intelligent Information Network


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