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MS SQL Server 2005 & Services

Server based reporting means the report is stored in a central server, making storage and management easier, cheaper and more consistent.

Previous reporting applications, such as Crystal reports were previously have to be deployed by IT, meaning updates and service packs were an administrative headache.

Keeping reports in one location makes administration extremely simple.

NOTE: client side reporting is still available, but it does not provide for access to MSSRS full capabilities.


MS Server 2005

MS Server 2005 provides a complete data integration, reporting and analytic capability.

Integrate Data - from any data source to build an holistic view of your business. Learn more

Report - on enterprise-wide data. Create, manage, and deliver server-based reports with interactive views that provide valuable insights into where business is heading.
Learn more

Analyze - provide a consolidated view or results across all business dimensions as the foundation for all relational, multidimensional, and predictive analysis, providing deep insight into the key drivers impacting businesses today.

Video - Webcast on the value of upgrading to MS Server 2005...55m


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MS Reporting Services [SSRS]

Video - Introduction to MS Reporting Services...9m31s


This Video includes:

  1. What is reporting SQL Server Reporting Services [SSRS]
  2. Types of Reports
  3. Terms and
  4. Authoring Reports
  5. Deploying Reports
  6. Security
  7. Integrating Reports Within Exisiting Applications

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MS Analysis Services [SSAS]

SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services [SSAS] provides a unified and integrated view of business data to support traditional reporting, online analytical processing (OLAP) analysis, Key Performance Indicator (KPI) scorecards, and data mining.

Video - Demonstrating The Power of MS Analysis Services...26m55s


This video provides an insightful view of the value of analytic services in the Tennessee Court System.

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