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Oracle Business Intelligenec Std Edition One

Business Intelligence (BI) software suite isaimed at midmarket firms with up to 50 BI users.

Oracle Business Intelligence Standard Edition One will provide midmarket firms with an integrated BI and data warehousing system for $1,000 per user for up to 50 users.

The new toolset had been developed to remove the technology and cost barriers that typically create resistance to BI in the midmarket. In the past, BI has been too difficult and too expensive for smaller firms to deploy.

This new product brings together Oracle BI functionality and infrastructure with advanced reporting tools acquired recently from Siebel.

BI Standard Edition One integrates:

  • Data warehouse builder
  • BI report publisher
  • Analytics
  • Query and Reporting functionality
  • Central BI Server that draws on data sources from across the business.

The tool is based on the same technology as Oracle's enterprise-scale BI tools, meaning it also suits individual departments within large organisations as well as midmarket firms .

Trends towards event processing, real time information and process management are seeing more companies integrate BI into their processes. The traditional reporting and analysis model is likely to become redundant over the next five to ten years.

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