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SAS BI provides a complete portfolio of business intelligence capabilities. It combines the power of SAS analytics and data integration to create a complete and easy-to-use business intelligence solution.


SAS business intelligence offers simple, self serving access to reports and analytics. Wizards are provided to guide users through report creation, including pulling data from multiple sources, without IT resource.

SAS reporting interface is centralized, no desktop installation required.

SAS linked technologies: data access, data quality and a common metadata layer, increase consistency of data and business rules.

Query & Analysis

Self-service query capabilities for all levels of users, using wizards within the business user reporting environment.

Queries can be performed across multiple data sources (databases and platforms) using relational or multidimensional data. Business users protected from the complexity of data structures.


SAS Enterprise BI Server provides a powerful multidimensional database using multithreaded processing and scalable technologies. This means SAS performance is fast, even when handling large volumes of data.

OLAP cube developers and data architects use wizard-driven interfaces to create consistent data sources.

A Web-based data exploration interface makes it simple for business users to quickly slice and dice large volumes of data.

Cubes can be created based on any data stored in any database on any operating system - Microsoft Server 2003, HP/UX, AIX and Solaris, up to z/OS on mainframes.

OLAP data storage and navigation are integrated into the SAS BI reporting environment.

Fully compliant with Microsoft's OLE DB for OLAP standard.

Integrated Analytics

SAS is a market leader in analytics, and SAS business intelligence access and leverage these powerful analytic capabilities.

Custom analytics are directly available to all decision makers to drive accurate decisions and better results.

User access may be via Web portals, the SAS Information Delivery Portal or Microsoft Excel, without IT assistance.

This full integration provides an efficient analytic process, with reduced risk and optimize resource allocation.


SAS provides extensive and robust visualization capabilities that present data in charts, graphs and maps, all integrated within multiple BI applications

These graphics can be viewed either as:

  • Reports in the SAS Information Delivery Portal
  • Dashboard
  • As part of an application or as a freestanding graphic.

MS Office Integration

Multithreaded processing and scalable technologies, means SAS performance is fast, even when handling large volumes of data.

Allows all Microsoft Excel and Word users access to approved enterprise data for extended analysis capabilities.

  • Lets users surpass Microsoft Excel data size limitations.
  • Enables users to embed enterprise data and analytic results in Microsoft Word documents.

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