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Custom Application Dashboards

As organisations and individuals become more familiar with the value of dashboards, and as more dashboard development tools become available, custom dashboards are becoming a common feature in many applications.

They are often presented as the first page, or first tab in an application to give an overall summary of all tabs or pages in the application. In web applications, this is most often the landing page of the information portal.

Apart from providing key data summary, the portlets or screen regions on the dashboards are often used for navigation purposes, providing deep link drill downs to the rest of the application.

This provides great usability and user value.

The data presented on the dashboard can be limited according to the role privileges assigned to the log-in. There may also be capability for users to configure portlets, in the same way as widgets are used online, and gadgets using in desktop environments.

Examples of custom dashboards include:

  • Share Trading Dashboards
  • Workflow Management Dashboards
  • Quality Audit Management Dashboards
  • Personal Performance Dashboards
  • Project Status Dashboards


Project Status Dashboard

Dashboards are extremely useful for managing and communicating the progress of large projects. The main KPI's of a phased project rollout may include:

  • Project Status
  • Project ROI - Earned Value, Opportunity Cost, External Spend

Project Status Dashboard


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