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Dashboard Development Tools

Dashboard software tools include:

Visual Mining - easily integrates data from databases, spreadsheets, XML, flat files, and more, using point-and-click Named Data Sets (NDS) technology. The NetCharts Designer tool allows nearly unlimited formatiing and configuration control with the ease of a WYSIWYG interface. Demo available.

ReportNet - Cognos developed this robust and scalable web-based reporting solution as an extensible future platform for an organization's entire BI/CPM strategy. Based on a 'unifying architecture' for all business intelligence capabilities, this one tool claims to bring together separate capabilities of reporting, analysis, dashboards, scorecarding, etc. Rather than being a set of integrated components, Cognos is one product with all BI capabilities, on a single, modern architecture. This Cognos 8 Business Intelligence product makes BI development simpler, faster, and easier to manage.


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