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Operational Process Dashboards

Operational Process Dashboards provide data on specific business processes to indicate near real time state, with alerting visuals to indicate if and when intervention may be required. This is often indicated using red/green/yellow icons.

Typcial Process/Activity Monitoring Dashboards include:

  • Assembly Line Monitoring Dashboards
  • Manufacturing Process Monitoring Dashboards
  • Computing Resource Utilization Monitoring Dashboards
  • Warehouse/Distribution Monitoring Dashboards
  • Financial Market Monitoring Dashboards
  • Environmental Monitoring Dashboards
  • Utility Supply Monitoring Dashboards
  • Traffic Monitoring Dashboards
  • Call Center Dashboards

Sample Operational Process and/or Activity Dashboards


Call Center Dashboards

Call Center Performance Dashboards are a typcial operational dashboard solution allowing support agents and managers to view real time performance information, which can actually trigger specific events, such as eLearning events and messages.

The dashboards provide not only a real time performance reporting and analytics but also act as a powerful eLearning solution by triggering automated coaching tips, courseware and training flashes for agents based on the performance information.

"They know their hard work is always acknowledged and rewarded. The dashboards create a positive energy and sense of camaraderie between the agents".

Typical Call Center KPI's include:

  • # Calls Per Hour
  • # Emails Per Hour
  • # Chats Per Hour
  • Average Talk Time
  • Average Resolution
  • % Resolutions
  • % Upselling
  • Utilization
  • QA Score


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