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Expert System Resources

Ongoing Research

Research in expert knowledge-based systems include:

Knowledge Representation - concepts, languages, and standards for knowledge representation.

Knowledge Use - development of new methods for different kinds of reasoning, such as analogical reasoning, reasoning based on probability theory and decision theory, and reasoning from case examples.

Knowledge Acquisition - access to distributed knowledge bases involving multiple expert systems and developers.

Fuzzy Logic - methods for reasoning with uncertain data and uncertain knowledge

Neural networks - networks of distributed components operating in parallel to make classification decisions. The links between neural networks technology and expert system technology are being explored.

Parallel computing - methods in the implementation of expert systems and advanced knowledge-based systems. Will high performance multi-processor technology impact computing activities on expert system techniques?

Examples Of Expert Systems

Dendral analyse mass spectra

Dipmeter Advisor - used for analysis of data gathered during oil exploration

Mycin - diagnoses infectious blood diseases and recommend antibiotics (by Stanford University)

CADUCEUS - blood-borne infectious bacteria

R1 - order processing

Prolog - programming language

CLIPS - programming language

Jess - A CLIPS engine implemented in Java

Nexpert - early general-purpose commercial backwards-chaining product

ART - programming language

SHINE - Spacecraft Health Inference Engine

For a full list of current expert system projects.

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