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Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence

Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence refers to skill and coordination with movement and doing.

Individuals In this category, are generally adept at physical activities such as sports or dance and often prefer activities which utilize movement.

They may enjoy acting or performing, and in general they are good at building and making things.

They often learn best by physically doing something, rather than reading or hearing about it.

Those with strong bodily-kinesthetic intelligence seem to use what might be termed muscle memory; i.e., they remember things through their body, rather than through words (verbal memory) or images (visual memory).

It requires the skills and dexterity for fine motor movements such as those required for dancing, athletics, surgery, craftmaking,etc.

Careers which suit those with this intelligence include athletes, dancers, actors, comedians, builders, and artisans.


Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence And Virtual Reality

Those with strong kinesthetic intelligence can be expected to naturally develop a deeper experience with interactive environments. Such environments are created to give the participants/performers the feeling of:

  • a kinesthetic narrative
  • a haptic experience
  • the essence of self-discovery of space
  • the suspense created by the exploration of the realm created by their motions.

The participates develop different personal & independent behaviors. Participants develop a personal attitude in the event [focused on different points], such as:

  • conscious and unconscious spontaneous reactions
  • an excessive will to control the robot
  • a mood to improvisation with plethoric body actions
  • minimal body expressions trying to explore and understand intellectually the chain-react system
  • playful practices - for example (playing with the sounds they create and the distribution of their disembodied image)
  • as well as many other independent behaviours.

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