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Emotional Intelligence [EI] At Work

Emotional Intelligence [EI] is very applicable to finding the right role, and the right company match.

An emotional intelligence framework often used by HR Managers and Consultants captures five key dimensions:

  1. Interpersonal realm
  2. Intrapersonal realm
  3. Adaptability realm
  4. Stress management realm
  5. General mood realm

Introverts, who possess strong emotional intelligence generally prefer to work alone. They are suited to roles that require a high level of perfectionism and are often impatient with those who act on the run, without sufficient thought.

The following presentation outlines how to enhance your emotional intelligence capabilities.

Slideshow: Emotional Intelligence At Work


This Emotional Intelligence Presentation includes :

  • Emotional Intelligence Framework
  • Interpersonal Realm
  • Intrapersonal Realm
  • Adaptability Realm
  • Stress Management Realm
  • General Mood Realm

* Total number of presentation slides : 38 slides

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