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Virtual Reality Developers

In most instances, no one developer makes all the components required for virtual reality.

In early years of development, companies that make core 3D software and others that designed and manufactured hardware components, provided many small software development houses with their components and support to design virtual reality applications. In particular, companies that were experts in the fields of: auto-design, education, military simulation and medical technology.

Today, there are thousands of companies all over the world looking for new ways to use virtual reality technology.

Ongoing development in virtual reality is being promoted by the following leaders in VR software applications and interface devices:


Virtual Reality Labs [VRlab]

The Virtual Reality Lab [formerly Computer Graphics Lab (LIG)], at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) in Lausanne (map) was founded in July 1988. The laboratory is mainly involved in the modelling and animation of 3D Inhabited Virtual Worlds. VRlab is a leading developer of real-time Virtual Humans [Avatars] and a key player in the area of multimodal interaction, immersive Virtual Environments, and Augmented Reality.

Current VRlab Projects

The laboratory is currently partner in 7 European projects and 4 National projects. The lab is responsible for teaching Computer Graphics and Virtual Reality at the Master and the Doctoral level. VRlab is also involved in the organization of international conferences and workshops in VR, animation, and graphics.

European Projects

  • ERATO identification Evaluation and Revival of the Aoustical heritage of ancient Theatres and Odea
  • AIM@SHAPE Advanced and Innovative Models And Tools for the development of Semantic-based systems for Handling, Acquiring, and Processing knowledge Embedded in multidimensional digital objects
  • HUMAINE Human-Machine Interaction Network on Emotion
  • ENACTIVE Enactive Interface
  • EPOCH Excellence in Processing Open Cultural Heritage
  • INTUITION Network of Excellence On Virtual Reality And Virtual Environments Applications For Future Workspaces

National Projects

  • Solar Impulse Around the world with a solar plane...
  • 3D Mental Vision Pedagogical set of IT-utilities
  • SNF 3D Behavioral Animation and Virtual Reality
  • SNF Interactive Optimization of Mobile Articulated Structures
  • NCCR CO-ME Computer-Aided and Image Guided Medical Intervention
  • SNF Augmented Reality

For Multimedia VR Demos at VRLab

Virtual Realities Inc

Virtual Realities, Inc. [1995] is a leading supplier of 3D peripheral products, input/output devices, bundled software, and integrated systems to the corporate, industrial, entertainment, and military markets.

Virtual Realities Inc also resell many other leading brands of display and tracking products, with the aim to provide their customers with a full turn-key solution.

Products include:

  • Head Mounted Displays
  • Head Trackers
  • Motion Trackers
  • Data Gloves
  • 3D Controllers
  • Force Feedback / Haptics
  • Stereoscopic Displays
  • VR Domes
  • VR Simulators
  • VR Software Kits
  • VR Therapy
  • Patient Entertainment
  • 3D DVD
  • VR Wear

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