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Virtual Reality Research

The following research facilities [commonly called VisLab's] are key to the ongoing development of virtual reality and it's application to business and everyday activities.

VisLab California, USA - The Visualization and Intelligent Systems Laboratory involved in basic and applied research developing intelligent systems for automatic object recognition, learning in computer vision and pattern recognition, multimodal biometrics, image and video databases, autonomous navigation, network monitoring and intrusion detection, remote sensing, manufacturing, and various industrial, medical, and biological applications. It undertakes research in computer vision, pattern recognition, image processing, machine learning, artificial intelligence,
multimedia databases, robotics, man/machine interfaces, computer graphics, CAD/CAM, geometric modeling, perception, transportation, and the environment. Research is also directed for integrating computer graphics, computer vision and image processing in scientific and engineering applications.

SDSC VisLab, San Diego, USA - UCSD Cancer Center Collaboration, Tele-Manufacturing Facility, Molecular Interactive Collaborative Environment, High-Density Tiled Display. Download free scalabe visualization toolkits and other image tools developed by the SDSC visualization team.

UT VisLab, Texas - Texas Advanced Computing Center and the University of Texas offers access to visualization hardware and projection screening [immersion] rooms.

Virtual Reality Applications Center, Iowa - Iowa State University developing computer interfaces that integrate virtual environments, wireless networking, pervasive computing and third generation user interface devices.

VisLab Sydney, Australia - High-Performance Visualization, Communication and Computing Research Laboratory The Visualisation and High-Performance Computing Laboratory (ViSLAB) : Data Visualization (both Scientific and Information Visualization), Computer Graphics, Computer Vision, Collaboration Technologies, and Human-X-Interaction/Interface.

VisLAb Queensland, Australia - VisLab provides access to a rich IT and user interface development lab. It has a number of tiled computer displays and a Linux-based Access Grid available for development.  Download free Access Grid Toolkits

VisLab Parma University, Italy - The Artificial Vision and Intelligent Systems Laboratory, involved in basic and applied research developing machine vision algorithms and intelligent systems for the automotive field.

VisLab, Portugal - application of computer vision in the context of robotics: active vision, visual based control, 3D-reconstruction, motion analysis and segmentation.

VisLab, UK - The Laboratory of Neurobiology is devoted to the study of the visual brain, its organization and its functioning in health and in disease.

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