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VR Used In The Travel Industry

Non-immersive VR is often used to teach knowledge, and immersive VR to teach knowledge, skills, and attitudes.

Two travel applications for home and professional use, were developed by the European Union’s Collaborative Virtual Environments project (COVEN) in 1998.


Business Traveller

Business Traveller uses a high-end immersive VR system to enable a small group of individuals to prepare for a coming event by rehearsing possible outcomes in simulations of different situations and environments. Timing may be vital and interaction with colleagues frequent.

The system allowed travelers to rehearse a simple journey from Heathrow airport to a local institution, experimenting with different modes of transportation. Immersion VR was used to maximize the chance of learned appropriate behavior being transferred to the real-life situation.


Citizen Traveller

The Citizen Traveller is a virtual marketing and browsing facility for vacation planning. It accesses a vast amount of information [logistics, cultural events, history] on a travel destination to provide the traveler with full locality support.

Citizen Traveller uses a non-immersive, desktop environment consisting of separate enhanced virtual environments [zones] displayed on a screen or monitor.

Each zone has its own purpose. Users move amongst these zones to access to data about a holiday destination.

In addition to just providing information, users can view the site they wish to visit, seek advice from on-line travel agents and local guides, and communicate with other users, who can offer help, display locations, and accompany them on the excursion.


The interactivity and collaboration provided by Citizen Traveller heightens the sense of presence, without conveying a sense of actually being at the travel destination. The Business Traveller, on the other hand, is intended to provide users with a feeling of being surrounded by the environment, to support rehearsal of and training for real-life situations.

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