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Mixed Reality

Mixed Reality is the merging of real world and virtual worlds to produce new environments where physical and digital objects can co-exist and interact in real-time. It is a derivative of virtual reality, consisting of a mix of augmented reality, augmented virtuality and virtual reality.

Combining a variety of 3D modelling, tracking, haptic feedback, computer human interface, simulation, rendering and display techniques, mixing realities can be a complex process at the very cutting edge of today’s technology.

Mixed Reality is a topic of much research, having been adopted by a number of applications, including the arts and entertainment industries. Examples include: EyeToy, BAMZOOKi, FightBox and mixed reality pong, Ars Electronica.

The term Mixed Reality is often used interchangeably with Augmented Reality and so is often considered to be equivalent, however, this is not always true.

Mixed Reality may also be used to describe other combinations of realities, such as a Virtual Reality that incorporates live visual elements of the real world (Augmented virtuality AV).


Mixed Reality Development

Producing a Mixed Reality event requires:

  • knowledge of the reality scene
  • 3D geometric models of the real scenes used in the application.
  • knowledge of how the virtual reality graphics and models interact with the imaged real world scene.

3D models can be used for a variety of different visual simulation effects, including:

  • occlusion culling
  • collision detection
  • relighting
  • virtual object placement


Inter-Reality Systems

In a physics context, the term "interreality system" refers to a virtual reality system coupled to its real-world counterpart.

It comprises of a real physical pendulum coupled to a pendulum that only exists in virtual reality. This system apparently has two stable states of motion:

  1. "Dual Reality" state in which the motion of the two pendula are uncorrelated and
  2. "Mixed Reality" state in which the pendula exhibit stable phase-locked motion which is highly correlated.

The use of the terms "mixed reality" and interrealiy" in the context of physics is clearly defined but may be slightly different than in other fields.

Mixed [Augmented] Reality Video

Segment on CNBC asia about Adrian David Cheok work on 'mixed' or 'augmented' reality.

Mixed Reality Lab, Singapore

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