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Mobile Ubiquitous Computing

Ubiquitous, in simple terms, means everywhere at once.

Ubiquitous mobile refers to total, continuous wireless connectivity, regardless of where you are in the world and what device you are using [cellular phone, laptop, PDA].

Ubiquitous computing is a concept of computers fading into the background of the applications they are running.

Add these two capabilities together, and thats Mobile Ubiquitous Computing.


Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing Uncut

Video describing Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing and how it affects industry. [3:20]


The Apple iPhone is said to be the first multimedia device to bring ubiquitous computing and multi-touch technology to the mass consumer market.

Mobile and ubiquitous computing is having a large impact on how people are working. It can be used to hold virtual meetings, training sessions and demonstrations.

Just as Internet has become an absolute business requirement, so too will ubiquitous capabilities, enabling true global collabration and communication.



Virtual interactions are removing the opportunities for social connection, and the development of social skills.


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