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Multi-Touch Interfaces

The virtuality continuum parallels the way in which a user interfaces with simulated reality, augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed reality environments.

The multi-touch screen interface is the future of range of user interfaces into virtuality programs.


Multi-Touch Interface

Presentation by Jeff Han of a futuristic multi-touch interface during the Adobe sponsored TED2006. Jeff Han is a research scientist for NYU's Media Research Lab, and the inventor of an "interface-free" touch-driven computer screen. Recorded February 2006 in Monterey, CA. [09:32]

Both Apple and Microsoft have adopted this interface.


Using The Multi-Touch Interface

The folllwing videos demonstrate how the the multi-touch interface can be used in everyday environments.


Desktop Design

Intuitive desktop digital imaging with multi touch screen. new gestures and interface design.


iBar - Largest Multitouch Touchscreen

This is the surface of an interactive, 10 meter long bar. Every glass, cup, cellphone, car key, businesscard or even fingers will be recognized.

More on iBar

Desktop Touch Screen

This 3D Desktop TouchScreen and XGL on Linux


And of course, the ultimate, the Touch Screen you don't have to touch

3D-Technology Interface

A new amazing technology found at Cebit 2007 from White Electronic Designs & Tactyl Services companies. It's a touchscreen you don't have to touch to interact with and it works through glass at 15 cm distance. Software powered by 3D-Technology. [1:20]


Rather than wrangle with the above concepts and how you may feel sitting over the iBar having a few wines, consider how this technology can be applied to the many, many devices we each interact with on a daily basis.

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