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Virtualization Of Data Center

In the following video, we can see how storage virtualization, using Sun Microsystems Virtualization technology is applied to a data center.


Virtualization from Sun Microsystems


Before virtualization, critical applications were deployed on their own dedicated servers. This resulted in a large physical presence of servers and just as many server applications. Combined these components result in a heavy load of power, space and management resources.

Servers are divided using dynamic system domains into physical partitions, each with its own resources. There partitions give the applications the same dedicated space, once provided by hardware. In essence, one server box becomes many virtual servers using Sparc-10 containers.

Each container has its own identity, management resources and is totally fault isolated. And virtualization allows it's own operating system.

ZFS Files systems provide for carrier grade reliability, availability and redundancy.

Using VMWare, multiple Windows systems can also be hosted.

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